Family Aquatic Center

2021 Opening Day is June 12!

The slides, lazy river, sand play area, and concession stand will not open this summer.


Review the 2021 Family Aquatic Center FAQ’s document below to familiarize yourself with the operations of our facility.

Family Aquatic Center  – Safety, Programs, Fees, Registration, Concessions, Deck Chairs

Public Swim – 3 Swim Sessions Per Day!

Families planning to visit the Family Aquatic Center must pre-register and pre-pay for the date and time slot they are interested in.  Due to social distancing restrictions, a limited number of visitors will be admitted into the facility during each session of swimming. Sessions are offered in 2-hour time slots, three times per day, 7 days per week (weather permitting).

When  registering, choose either the Lap Pool or Leisure Pool to swim in. In order to follow state guidelines for social distancing and facility limits, guests at the Family Aquatic Center are limited to swimming in only one pool per visit. There is a 50 person limit per pool, 100 swimmers in the facility per session. Time in between swim sessions will be used for sanitizing the facility.

Lap Pool Leisure Pool
Zero Depth Entry Zero Depth Entry
Deepest Area: 4.5 feet Deepest Area: 3.5 feet
6 Lap Lanes Play Features (recommended for 5 yrs. & younger
Mushroom Play Feature
Tot Slide in the zero depth area


Visitors are limited to 1 session of public swim or lap swim per day. Register online through the Register for Public Swim link below, or in-person at the Sullivan Community Center. Registration is offered in two week increments in order to give the maximum number of families the opportunity to visit the Family Aquatic Center.

Registration Opens Public Swim, Lap Swim, Water Walking
June 5 June 12 – June 25
June 19 June 26 – July 9
July 3 July 10 – July 23
July 17 July 24 – August 6
July 31 August 7 – August 15


Swim Times Days Age Resident Non-Res**
10:15 am-12:15 pm Daily* All Ages $5 $8
12:30-2:30 pm Daily All Ages $5 $8
3:00-5:00 pm Daily All Ages $5 $8

Register for Public Swim

*Public Swim is not offered on Tu/Th during the 10:15 am-12:15 pm swim time.
**Hawthorn School District 73 families, that do not reside within Park District boundaries, are not eligible to receive resident daily admission rates.



Adult (18+ Years) Water Therapy Walking 

Take a walk in our small leisure pool! Admission to Water Therapy Walking is limited to one hour. When registering, please select your day and hour of choice.  The Lazy River will not open in summer 2021 for water walking. Ten people per session maximum.

Dates Days Time Resident Non-Res
6/12-8/15 Daily 8-9 am $5 $8
6/12-8/15 Daily 9-10 am $5 $8

Register for Water Therapy Walking


Adult (18+ Years) Lap Swim 

Swimming is great exercise in the summer! When registering, please select your day and hour of choice. Six people per session maximum.

Dates Days Time Resident Non-Res
6/12-8/15 Daily 8-9 am $5 $8
6/12-8/15 Daily 9-10 am $5 $8

Register for Adult Lap Swim



Adult Water Aerobics

Medium to low impact water aerobics class to improve cardio endurance and enhance body tone. Class will include some work with dumbbells. Basic swim skills are required.

Dates Days Time Resident Register
6/15-8/5 T/Th 10:30-11:30 am $80 Register


Family Aquatic Center Rentals and Birthday Parties

Rentals and birthday parties are not available in the 2021 season.



Family Aquatic Center  Information

Aquatic Center Closing Information
Weather Hotline: (847) 996-6616
The Park District reserves the right to close the entire Aquatic Center, or portions thereof, under the following conditions:
• Air temperature below 68°
• Fewer than 25 people in the pool for at least 30 minutes
• Threatening weather conditions
• Other safety concerns or lack of attendance

If thunder and lightning or other inclement weather are seen at the Family Aquatic Center, all patrons are expected to either go into the bathhouses or exit the facility and wait in their car until weather passes. Waiting under an umbrella on the pool deck or in the concession stand is prohibited. No refunds will be given if the facility closes due to inclement weather.


1. Children under the age of 11 are not allowed to enter or remain in the facility unless accompanied in the water by a person at least 16 years of age who knows how to swim. Those children 8 and under must have an adult 16 years or older within arms-reach of the child wherever they go in the facility.
2. Outside food or drink is permitted to be brought in during the 2020 season.
3. Alcohol is not permitted in the facility. Persons under the influence of alcohol or exhibiting erratic behavior will not be permitted in the facility.
4. The use of cameras and video equipment is allowed.
5.  All patrons must have proper swimsuits. Articles of clothing, such as cut-offs, jean shorts, and T-shirts, are not acceptable for swimming. This includes t-shirts worn over swimsuits.
6. Children not toilet-trained must wear tight fitting rubber/plastic pants or swim diaper.
7. Change infants/toddlers diapers in a bathroom. Never rinse off an un-diapered child in the pool.
8. The Family Aquatic Center complies with the procedures recommended by the Illinois Department of Public Health. In the event of a fecal or vomit accident the water area will be closed for 30 minutes. We will test the affected area, and if         readings fall within the appropriate ranges, the pool will reopen.
9. Swimmers must take a head to toe shower before entering the water.
10.  Vernon Hills Park District is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
11. Toys, equipment and flotation devices are subject to the approval of management. Flotation devices such as water wings, noodles and rafts will not be allowed. Swim fins and snorkels are also prohibited. Children wearing a coast guard                 approved flotation device must be accompanied by an adult 16 years or older at all times.
12.  Lap swimming is not permitted during  public swim.
13. There are no safety breaks during the 2-hour public swim time slots.
14.  Persons with skin disease, communicable disease, open lesions, nasal or ear discharges, or wearing bandages are not permitted to use the pool. A written physician’s statement is required of those with a skin rash, disease, or open sore.
15. The area between the two main leisure pools must remain clear of all chairs and personal belongings. This area is reserved for lifeguard and emergency staff should an emergency action plan need to be executed.
16. Lifeguards are responsible for enforcing safety rules and responding to emergencies.
17. Parents or guardians should supervise their children.
18. The Vernon Hills Park District reserves the right to add additional rules and policies or enforce current rules and policies more strictly as needed without notice.
19. If you have already paid, you may reenter the facility. You must get a hand stamp at the front entrance before you leave.
20. The District attempts to maintain the water at a temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit.