Lake Charles Park

Lake Charles Park is the newest park to be developed. Total land and water area covers 56.62 acres located west of Lakeview Parkway in Gregg's Landing subdivision at 11 E. Greggs Parkway. 


  • Lake
  • Barbeque grill
  • Basketball half-court
  • .5 mile walking path
  • Fishing is allowed
  • Open field/play area
  • Parking lot
  • 3 picnic shelters
  • Playground
  • ADA inclusion swing

Planning for this park began shortly after the property was deeded to the Park District by Zale Homes in 2003. Work began in the summer of 2004 and was completed in early 2005. Part of the funding for the development came from a matching $341,800 Illinois grant
from the Open Space and Land Acquisition Development fund.  Zale homes was also responsible for grading and seeding the site, some tree clearing and construction of the entry road and parking lot.

Fishing at Lake Charles Park

Hours of operation are dawn to 10:30 pm.
Please respect the property of those living near the lake.

Lake Charles - 39.1 acres, deepest point is 10', in the channel (Seavey Ditch) which runs through the lake. Access by vehicle is via Gregg's Parkway, near the intersection of Gregg's Parkway and North Huntington. Parking is available in the park. Access Gregg's Parkway from the west via Butterfield Road and from the east via Milwaukee Avenue. There is access by bike or by foot from the east and west via sidewalks running parallel to Gregg's Parkway.

  • There is a canoe launch for hand launching of small watercraft.  Electric trolling motors are permitted.

  • There is an 80' fishing pier accessible by asphalt path.

  • There is no drinking water at this site.

  • The park also contains a large playground, basketball half court, three picnic shelters, and scenic lake overlook.

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