Garvanian Park Sign

Marimac Park was re-named Kelli Garvanian Park on August 8, 2008. Kelli Garvanian served on the Park Board for over 23 years and received this honor for her many years of service to the Park District.

Garvanian Park is often confused with Deerpath Park. This 5.33 acre park actually lies adjacent to the south end of Deerpath Park, at Route 45 on Deerpath Drive at 215 S. Deerpath Drive.


  • Walking path (short, lighted, connected to Deerpath Park path)

  • Cross country skiing allowed.

  • Open field/play area

  • Playground

  • ADA inclusion swing

Garvanian Park was originally a Lake County Sanitary Treatment Facility which was no longer used. It was purchased by the Park District in 1980. Development began shortly afterward, when a playground and landscaping were added in 1981. In 1999, the playground was upgraded with new equipment, followed by the re-surfacing of the bike path in 2000. Garvanian Park is also connected to the Continental Executive Park and to Stone Fence Farm subdivision by footbridge.

Garvanian Park Playground

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