Outdoor Ice Skating

Skating on Park District property listed below is allowed only when a GREEN flag is flying at the rink or pond. If there is no flag, no skating is permitted. Please note that there are no restroom or warming facilities at the lakes and ponds.

During the winter, the Parks department regularly tests the depth of ice. Testing is not done on weekends, holidays, or during times of storm clean up. Snow removal from paths and parking lots is the District's first priority during storm clean up. 

Before you head out to skate, please heed these SAFETY PRECAUTIONS:

  • Check for the GREEN FLAG that indicates that the Parks Maintenance staff has checked the ice thickness. 
  • Skate only when ice is six inches or thicker; ice that is thinner than six inches is considered by the Park District to be unsafe.
  • Never skate on a lake or pond by yourself.
  • Keep emergency equipment nearby and available.
  • Report unsafe or dangerous conditions to the Park District.
  • Do not skate at night on the lakes and ponds.
  • Be courteous to other skaters

Ice skating locations:

Evergreen Lake at Deerpath Park, adjacent to the softball field

Willow Lake at Deerpath Park, north of the Cherokee Road entrance

Grosse Pointe Pond, at Grosse Pointe Boulevard and Hunter Court in Grosse Pointe Park

Century Park North, on the basketball court near the sled hill in Century Park. This ice rink will be lighted until 9:00 pm daily.

Skating IS NOT permitted on Big Bear or Little Bear Lakes.


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Weather Hotline
for skating conditions 847.996.6616


Please note that the Park District does not clear the snow from the lakes or ponds.

The Pavilion at Century Park North will be open on weekends from 1pm-9pm when either the ice rink or sled hill is open. It will be staffed and offer ice skate rentals and concessions.







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