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The Vernon Hills Park District Little Learners Preschool provides an environment in which your child will grow to his/her full potential, and one that helps your child to develop a sense of independence and self-confidence.

Our staff assists in nurturing your child's growth both socially and emotionally. We achieve this mainly through the area of play, a young child's most important work. Through play, a child learns to gain a sense of self, as well as develop social relationships with other children and adults. In addition to expanding both socially and emotionally, the child also has the opportunity to develop fine and large motor skills, as well as cognitive and language skills.

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The legal holiday schedule is the same as Hawthorn School District #73. The Vernon Hills Park District offers preschool classes for the following age groups:

2014/2015 Preschool year

2 Year Olds
by 9/1/14
Young 3's
by 3/1/15
3 Year Olds
by 9/1/14
and toilet trained
4 year Olds
by 9/1/14
and toilet trained
Pre-K (4 or 5)
by 9/1/14
and toilet trained
Preschool (3-5) Enrichment
by 9/1/14
with lunch daily


For more information on any of our Preschool programs or to arrange a visit, please call Gail Herrmann at 847.996.6808. 

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A new school year begins in Sept. Call Gail @ 847-996-6808 or e-mail for info. on how to enroll your child in our school.


2 year olds

T & Th Young 3's Laschen Center

T & Th Young 3's
Sullivan Center

3,4 year olds and PreK

Parent Handbooks:
2 year olds
Young 3's
3-5 year olds

Food Allergy Care Plan

Preschool Data Form

Preschool Health Form

Preschool Calendars:
Sept. 3 year olds
Sept. 4 year olds
Sept. PreK

Preschool Newsletters
Sept. 3 & 4 year olds
Sept. PreK





















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