Fruit Trees in the Parks

April 28, 2020

Parks staff are planting many fruit trees that were bought bare root over the winter. They were delivered long before they could be safely planted outdoors. The trees were temporarily planted in pots and kept in the park maintenance facility by the windows until it was safe enough to plant. The tree in the picture is called “Fruit Salad”, it has 5 different fruit trees grafted onto 1 tree – Santa Rose Plum, Nemaguard Peach, Babook White Peach, Fantasia Nectarine, and July Alberta Peach.  The fruit trees are small and most won’t produce much if any fruit this year or next, we are planting for a couple years out.

Other trees being planted in various parks are:

Beacked Hazelnut

3 in 1 Apple – another grafted tree

Arkansas Black Apple Tree

Granny Smith Apple Tree

Mona Cherry Tree

Rainier Cherry Tree

3 in 1 Sweet Cherry Tree

Indian Blood Peach Tree

Moonglow Pear Tree

Bartlett Pear Tree

Blenheim Apricot Tree

Meander Hardy Kiwi

White Walnut Tree

Shellbark Hickory

Texas Weeping Mulberry Tree

Chandler Walnut Tree