District Requires Permission for Vending in Parks

May 30, 2023

All vendors, of any age, and selling any product or service in District Parks, must obtain permission from the Park District to do so.  This includes, but is not limited to, lemonade stands and selling water or other beverages at athletic fields. Please contact Executive Director, Jeff Fougerousse, to obtain permission. Mr. Fougerousse can be reached at jefff@vhparkdistrict.org or 847-996-6930.


Vernon Hills Park District Conduct Ordinance Booklet
Section 2.06. Commercial Sale, Rental, Exhibition, or Distribution of Goods or Services

(a) No peddler, vendor or any other Person involved in an endeavor for profit shall engage in the commercial sale, rental, exhibition, or distribution of goods or services, including without limitation the giving of instruction or lessons for a fee, upon District Property unless he has received a Permit, license or contract therefor from the District.