OAKtober at the Park District

October 1, 2023

Vernon Hills Park District is home to many parks with a variety of trees, in particular Oak trees. As this month is designated as OAKtober – Oak Awareness Month, we welcome visitors in our parks to see our Oak trees.

  • Sullivan Woods is our own Oak Savanna spanning a little over 14 acres of majestic Oaks, some are estimated to be over 300 years old.
  • Century Park Arboretum is home to many varieties of White and Red Oaks, especially on our Oak Island behind the sled hill. Oak Island was cleared of invasive species several years ago and purposely planted with several different species of Oak trees.
  • Central Park, within Centennial Crossing, is also home to several varieties of Oaks that span the entire outer perimeter of the park.

In 2015, the governor of Illinois proclaimed that October would officially become OAKtober: Oak Awareness Month.

Oaks represent strength and stature and are historically significant to both the Chicago region and Illinois, evident in the fact that the white oak is the Illinois state tree. Majestic oaks create a sense of awe and wonder. These trees work for us by cleaning our air and water, reducing ambient air temperature, and decreasing our use of energy. But oaks need our help: around the world, more than one-third of all oak species are threatened with extinction. Read More

OAKtober is a time to celebrate oaks and everything that they do for people, as well as to promote the planting and care of these important trees. Every individual, organization, community, park district, forest preserve, and public or private landowner or manager can play an important role in celebrating oaks and oak ecosystems across Illinois throughout the month of October.