Prescribed Burns April 4-26

April 1, 2024

From April 4-26, weather permitting, there will be prescribed burning being performed in the parks. This is a supervised burn and will take place from 9am – 3pm. Proper permits and coordination with the local Fire Department and Village have been arranged. There may be periods of moderate to heavy smoke produced at times during this burn activity. People with extreme sensitivity may want to leave the area while these burns are being conducted. There is no need for alarm or response. Benefits of Prescribed Burns include:

  • Combats trees and shrubs that shade out prairie and other shade-intolerant plants
  • Removes old vegetation to make room for new growth
  • Shifts soil nutrients to a state more favorable to prairie species
  • Helps reduce the spread of invasive and pest species
  • Consumes excess fuel, such as dead and downed trees, reducing dangerous and intense wildfires
  • Burning in patches creates a mosaic of habitats for a variety of plants and animals