Tree & Bench Donations


Honor a special person or commemorate a birthday or anniversary
by donating a tree or park bench in one of our parks!

Tree Donation

Trees are sold at cost, prices range from $250 – $450, depending on the type of species selected and size of tree. Tree donations are accepted year-round, but are only planted during the last two weeks of June and the first two weeks of October (weather permitting). Evergreens are only planted during the October planting weeks. All newly planted trees will have a 25 gallon water bag placed at the base of their trunk and regularly watered for the first two years or until established. Should your donated tree become damaged or die, it will be replaced at no cost to you. Peripheral plantings, landscape enhancements, or markers are not permitted.

Tree and Bench Donation Booklet

Tree Varieties

Flowering Trees Shade Trees Shade Trees Shade Trees

Eastern Redbud

White Redbud

Rising Sun Redbud

Appalachian Red Redbud

Forest Pansy Redbud

Flowering Cherry

Weeping Cherry

Flowering Crab

Japanese Tree Lilac


Ohio Buckeye

Red Buckeye

Royal Frost Birch

Japanese Whitespire Birch


Morton Elm

Morton Glossy Elm

Morton Stalwart Elm

Ginkgo ‘Autumn Gold’

Hackberry Tree

Hickory – Shagbark

Hickory – Pecan


Kentucky Coffee Tree

Maple ‘Deborah’ (Red Leaves)

Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple ‘Fall Fiesta’

Sugar Maple ‘Green Mountain’

Tartarian Maple ‘Hot Wings’

Red Maple ‘Autumn Blaze’

Red Maple ‘Celebration’

Red Maple ‘Northwood’

Red Maple ‘Redpoint’

Bur Oak

Black Oak

Chinkapin Oak

English Oak

Red Oak

Shingle Oak

Swamp Chestnut Oak

Swamp White Oak

White Oak

Morton Circle Plane Tree

Morton Euclid Plane Tree

Dawn Redwood

Hardy Rubber

Sterling Silver Linden




American Yellowwood

Bench Donation

The Memorial Bench Program is in the process of being phased out as the parks have reached their capacity for bench structures. What we can offer to you is to adopt any remaining benches that exist within the parks that have not been designated as memorial benches. The cost to adopt a bench is $150 plus the cost of the plaque. Once the last bench has been adopted, memorial benches will no longer be offered. Thank you to all who have purchased and adopted benches, you have provided many places for people to sit, rest, chat and enjoy the beauty within our parks.

Personalized Bronze Plaque

Tree and bench donations can be personalized with a bronze plaque, which is also sold at cost. Plaques are placed at the base of the trees or attached to the bench back. The plaques require 5 weeks production.

Tree & Bench Donation Warranty

Tree and bench donations, including the personalized plaque, has a ten year limited warranty.   The District will notify the person who donated the tree or bench if it has to be removed due to age or disease after the warranty has expired.  If a tree, bench, or plaque is damaged by Park District staff, contractor, or vandals, it will be replaced regardless of the ten year warranty.