District News

Snow Removal & Ice Rink Updates

SNOW REMOVAL Due to the anticipated snow projected for this weekend (1/18-1/20), the following park parking lots will be closed Saturday to Tuesday: Century Park parking lot along railroad tracks, Lake Charles Park, Hawthorn Mellody Park, Deerpath Park at Warrrington and...
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Debris Cleaning in the Seavey Ditch

Integrated Lakes Management (ILM) has been contracted to clean debris in the Seavey Ditch to create better water flow. ILM will begin the week of December 10 at Deerpath Park (on the east side) from Phillips Road to approximately the Kids Castle area. In addition to Deerpath...
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Mute Swans Visiting Big Bear Lake

Did you know Mute Swans are not native to our area? All of the Mute Swans in North America are descendants of swans imported from Europe from the mid 1800's through early 1900's to adorn large estates, city parks, and zoos. Escapees established breeding populations in the...
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