Fitness Programs

Lakeview Fitness offers a variety of programs at an additional cost to our community members who are eager to work in a group setting, but would also like more individualized attention. Our programs have smaller class maximums to meet those needs and give a more personalized experience.

Program are offered seasonally and are available to most age groups to appeal to each generation in our community and get people active. Helping the members of our community get active and meet their goals is our top priority and our knowledgeable instructors and trainers are there to help make that happen in a fun and safe environment.

Programs may take place at Lakeview Fitness, Sullivan Community Center , or in our parks depending on format and equipment needs.

Fall 2022 Fitness Programs 
Lifestyle Wellness Program – A 12-week program that focuses on goals, meal planning, physical activity, stress management, sleep, plus more.
Yoga for Back Care Workshop – An introduction to the anatomy of the spine; its’ curve patterns and muscles affected by back pain.
Yoga for Recovery – A workshop will address moving from dark to light with mindful movement, setting of intentions, and reclaiming a sense of self.

One-day fun fitness classes – 12+ years
9/22 – 80’s Themed Cycle
10/7 – Zumba for Awareness
10/12 – Pop Music Yoga
10/23 – Zombie Zumba
11/18 – Zumba Master Class

Classes vary by season.  Click on the link below to view the current program offerings.

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