Ice Skating


The Park District offers ice skating classes at Glacier Skating Academy, 670 Lakeview Parkway, in Vernon Hills. Ice skating classes are offered for 3 years through adult.


Ice Explorers (2 1/2-3/12 Years)

A developmental program that starts off ice to get your child comfortable with the skates and the skills of skating.

Tot Skating (3-6 Years)

Learn basic skating skills through fun and exciting instructional techniques. All skaters must wear gloves/mittens and a protective helmet. Skates are included in the fee.

Thriving 3’S & Fabulous 4’s (3-4 Years)

The class is geared toward the skater that has a bit more caution stepping onto the ice. The caregiver will be on the ice with the child and will learn as well. A helmet is required for the child.

Basic 1 (6-17 Years)

Learn the fundamentals of skating and basic skills, such as forward stroking, forward swizzles, snowplow stops, backward skating, backward gliding, and more.

Teen Skate (12-17 Years)

Do you have a skater who wants to learn with their own age group? This is the class for them. Skaters learn at their own pace with a hands-on instructor tailoring to each skater’s skill level.

Adult (16+ Years)

Basic fundamental skating skills will be taught in a relaxed, skate at your own pace atmosphere. Coaches will rotate instruction based on your skill level.