Lakeview Fitness Reopening Protocols

As we prepare to reopen our facility, the health and safety of our members and staff is our top priority. We will continue to implement necessary guidelines from the CDC and in coordination with our Park District Risk Management Agency recommendations to ensure we are incorporating and enforcing the highest standard of cleanliness and safety in our facility.


Cleaning and Sanitation

Cleaning Protocols: In addition to existing cleaning protocols, we will have a fitness attendant on the floor to keep up with cleaning throughout the day, and also have a deep cleaning in the evenings. We will also be asking all Lakeview staff members to contribute to our rigorous cleaning procedures. AirPHx units will be installed for air purification which has been proven effective against coronavirus. A Clorox disinfecting electrostatic sprayer will be used daily throughout the facility maximizing staff and member safety.

Disinfection Procedures: We will continue to use hospital-grade, EPA-registered disinfectants that are COVID-19 approved.  Additional cleaning supplies will be made available for wiping down equipment before and after use. Hand sanitation stations will be added around the facility for frequent hand cleaning. Members are expected to wash their hands (a portable hand washing station will be at our entrance) or use hand sanitizer before entering the club.

Modified Hours: In Phase 4, there will be modified hours. Please see the Lakeview Fitness’ homepage for more information.

Group Exercise: We will allow sufficient minutes between group exercise classes for disinfecting the studio and all equipment. Members and staff are expected to wipe down equipment before and after classes. Class sizes will also be limited to follow CDC and State guidelines.

Lockers: Members are expected to disinfect lockers before and after use. Disinfectant spray and/or wipes will be available in locker rooms. Staff will be present throughout the facility to ensure protocols are being followed.


Sanitizer Stations

Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility. Members will be asked to use hand sanitizer when entering Lakeview and frequently throughout their visit.

Disinfectant Wipes and Spray: Members are expected to use a disinfectant spray on all equipment before and after use in addition to Lakeview’s cleaning protocols. We will provide signs and education for our members on the proper way to use any disinfectant. Our spray is approved by the EPA for use against COVID-19. In addition, we currently have EPA approved wipes on back order and will have them available throughout the facility, in addition to our spray bottles, once they arrive.


Health Checks

Staff: Self temperature checks are encouraged to be taken before reporting for work. Staff will be sent home if exhibiting any symptoms of illness.

Members: Members are expected to stay home if exhibiting any symptoms of illness or have a temperature above 100.4. Temperatures will not be taken on-site for patrons.

Notification: Members are expected to notify Facility Manager, Lacy Velasquez, if they test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of their last visit. When notified, Lakeview Fitness staff will evaluate and email notification to all potentially exposed persons if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at Lakeview Fitness.


Limited Capacity

Advanced Registration Required: All members will be asked to register in advance of their visit for group exercise classes and use of the pool while there continue to be limitations on the size of gatherings. The Lakeview Fitness app provides the ability to register for group exercise classes or the pool area. Personal training clients will be asked to schedule 48 hours in advance with their trainers to provide accurate headcounts.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Members: Face coverings are strongly encouraged while in common areas such as hallways, locker rooms, restrooms, lobby, etc. until further evaluated. They will not be required during exercise in the cardio/weight rooms, the studio, or in designated one-on-one training areas, but they are still strongly encouraged as long as they do not impede breathing during exercise. We will provide members with a plastic bag to store their masks when not being worn.

Staff: Lakeview team members will be required to wear face coverings when they are not able to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet. Gloves will only be required when performing cleaning duties.

Plexiglas: Barriers will be in place at the front desk until further evaluated.


Delayed Open

During our initial reopening, the following areas will remain closed and reevaluated on an ongoing basis: pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room, and babysitting.


Go Contactless

Touch-Free Check-In: Members will be able to scan themselves in using their phone, via the Lakeview Fitness app, or with their key fob for a contactless transaction with check-in staff.

Front Desk: Plexiglass barriers will be in place to provide protection for members and staff. We will also have decals laid out for proper social distancing.

Financial Transactions: We will ask that members either purchase online or over the phone to avoid any in-facility transactions. If an in-facility transaction needs to occur, we will have our credit card reader on the front desk for the member to use to avoid passing items back and forth with staff.


Safe Space

Floor decals will be put in place to help visualize proper social distancing in the lobby and for each participant in the group exercise studio. Every other piece of cardio and weight equipment will be closed to encourage distancing and weight machines will rotate in availability day by day.


Personal Training

Trainers will maintain a 6-foot distance from clients and will avoid any hands-on adjustments that are typical in one-on-one training. As much as possible, trainers will work with higher risk clients in various areas of the building that have not been previously utilized to offer further distancing from larger groups.


Front Desk Etiquette

Check-In: Hand sanitizer or hand washing use will be required prior to entering our facility. Contactless check-in, decals for social distancing, and plexiglass barriers will allow for safer entry into Lakeview.

Plastic Bags: Will be provided at the front desk to store masks in while exercising.

Towels: Members will be encouraged to bring a personal drying towel or two with them to help keep the facility clean and themselves safe. Please note, these are not intended for the wiping down of equipment, please use supplies provided within the facility for that.

Cardio & Strength Floor Etiquette

Equipment Use: To facilitate proper social distancing, we will reduce equipment available for use throughout the facility. Select equipment will be unplugged and/or clearly marked to ensure proper social distancing.

Barriers: Barriers have been placed between all equipment that cannot be spaced out 6 feet or more.


Locker Room Etiquette

Give Each Other Space: Available lockers will be clearly marked to help maintain proper social distancing. Disinfectant spray and/or wipes will be available to help ensure members clean their lockers before and after use. Restrooms, showers, and sinks will also be designated to allow for proper social distancing. We will also be removing scales as they are a high-touch, non-essential item.


Changes to Group Exercise

Save Your Spot: Advanced booking will be strongly encouraged through the Lakeview Fitness app. Class sizes will be limited, and bookings will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants will not be allowed to enter more than 10 minutes before the start of class.

Equipment: Instructors will set out standard equipment based on the number of participants and will assist in getting specific equipment as needed. Classes will be taught with limited equipment needs until restrictions lessen. Instructors will remain after class to thoroughly clean all touchpoints before the next class begins. Members will be required to clean their equipment before and after use. Only Lakeview staff will be permitted in the equipment storage area.

Exit Strategy: At the conclusion of each indoor class, participants will be asked to exit out the emergency exit door to limit unnecessary traffic through the facility. For outdoor classes, members will be asked to clear the exercise area within 10 minutes of the conclusion of class to allow for the next class to begin checking in and maintain approved gathering sizes.

Adjustments: No hands-on adjustments will occur during group exercise classes that are common in Yoga.