Park Pointers School Newsletters

The District publishes Park Pointers, a monthly newsletter filled with programs for children in grades kindergarten through 5th grade.  Park Pointers is distributed to the Hawthorn School District 73 Elementary Schools May through September.

Park Pointers After School Enrichment newsletters inform families of the programs that are held in the  elementary schools.  This newsletter is created in English and Spanish and is distributed five times per year.

Park Pointers Fall 1 2019

After School Enrichment Fall I 2019

Park Pointers Fall 2 2019

After School Enrichment Fall 2 2019

Park Pointers Fall 3 2019

Park Pointers Winter 1 2019

After School Enrichment Winter I 2020

Park Pointers Winter II 2020

Afterschool Enrichment Winter II 2020