Personal Training

Lakeview Fitness offers individual and small group personal training that is customized to help you reach your health, fitness, and wellness goals. Personal training is offered to individuals 11 years and older.

Lakeview Fitness’ personal trainers will help you develop and maintain an individualized program that is tailored to meet your specific goals. Whether you are new to exercising, want to create a new routine, or just want to improve the efficiency of your current program, we offer training packages that fit your budget and needs. Maximize your membership by adding personal training to your routine.


A 30-minute complimentary consultation with a personal trainer is available upon request. Consultation request forms are available at the customer service desk.  

Personal Training Fees

1 Session 5 Sessions 10 Sessions
30 Minutes $35/40 $164/199 $325/390
60 Minutes $49/59 $235/285 $465/560
6 Months* 6 Months* 12 Months* 12 Months*
2x Per Week 3x Per Week 2x Per Week 3x Per Week
30 Minutes $259/280 $378/390 $238/259 $353/374
60 Minutes $370/400 $540/565 $340/370 $505/535

Fees are listed as Lakeview Fitness member/non-member
*Prices are per month and can be monthly EFT’s.

Group Personal Training

Groups consist of 2-3 individuals working together for 60-minute sessions. Workouts are customized to meet each individual’s goals. 

Group # Time Sessions R/NR Fee
2 60 Minutes 1 $39/45
2 60 Minutes 5 $195/225
3 60 Minutes 1 $35/39
3 60 Minutes 5 $175/195



Meet the Certified Personal Trainers

We offer a diverse set of Certified Personal Trainers to fit all of your fitness needs.

Andre Grayer Sidney Porter Andy Santos Mike Pagan Chris Trevino
ISSA Personal Trainer Certification IFA Aqua Fitness instructor
Hydro Pilates Instructor
ACE Certified Health Coach
Behavioral Change Specialist, ACE
Weight Management Specialist, ACE
Nutrition Specialist, ACE
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Not currently accepting new clients. Associates Degree in Health and Wellness Promotion

Certified Personal Trainer

Specialty: Weight loss, strength building, self defense. Specialty: Improving physical and behavioral
health across all demographics. Aquatic personal training.
Sidney’s Bio
Specialty: Small group training, correcting imbalances, biomechanics, and increasing movement efficiency. Specialty: Specialty: Muscle development and strength training.