Day Camps

The Vernon Hills Park District is providing a safe summer day camp experience for the children of our community

We are offering modified versions of our traditional day camps in limited quantities. Due to the restrictions and guidelines necessary, the summer camps that were advertised in our Spring/Summer Program Guide will not be offered. Instead, we are offering 3 summer day camps: Preschool Camp (ages 3-5), Sullivan Camp (grades K-3) Peterson Camp (grades 4-7). Each elementary age camp will be 6 weeks with an extended care option. Priority registration will be given to Vernon Hills residents, followed by non-resident registration one week later.

Last Blast Camp is offered in a 2-week session for grades K-7 in August with an extended care option.

All camps will consist of smaller group sizes separated by location with the intent to allow for little to no crossover between camp groups. Each camp will have multiple groups of 10 kids that stay together for the duration of camp. Increased sanitation, face coverings when necessary, and social distancing restrictions will be practiced in accordance with IDPH, DCEO, and CDC guidelines. Campers will bring their own disposable lunches. Due to the need to limit group sizes and to provide indoor shelter in case of inclement weather, there will be a limited number of spaces available for registration.

Identification is required to pick up your camper at the end of each day.


Preschool Camp (3-5 yrs) Sullivan Camp (Grades K-3) Peterson Park Camp (Grades 4-7) Last Blast Camp (Grades K-7)
June 22-July 31  MWF June 22-July 31  M-F June 22-July 31  M-F August 3-14  M-F
9:15 am-12:30 pm 8 am-3 pm 8 am-3 pm 8 am-3 pm
6 weeks  $399 6 weeks  $1100 6 weeks  $1100 2 weeks  $369
Sullivan Community Center Sullivan Community Center Hawthorn Elementary North Sullivan Community Center
Groups will have their own classroom, and set of equipment for exciting sports, games, and arts & crafts. Campers will enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. Children must be able to use the restroom independently.
Groups will have their own set of equipment for exciting sports, games, and arts & crafts. Campers will enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. Extended care option available. Groups will have their own set of equipment for exciting sports, games, and arts & crafts. Campers will enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. Extended care option available. Finish your summer with a bang at our Last Blast Day Camp!  Groups will have their own set of equipment for exciting sports, games, and arts & crafts. Campers will enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. Extended care option available.



Payment Schedule: 50% charged at registration, 25% charged on June 19 and July 3.

  • June 2   Resident Registration
  • June 9   Non-resident registration
  • June 16 Registration deadline at 9 pm

*Credit/Debit card authorization is required for payment schedules. The payment schedule does not apply to Last Blast Camp and Extended Care.



Camp Refunds

Camp Refund Policy  Camp refund requests made prior to the camp registration deadline; receive a full refund, less a $5 service charge per camp/per child. No camp refunds will be issued after the camp registration deadline. All camp refund requests must be made in writing. Forms are available online or at the Sullivan Community Center.  Refund requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


Data Form: The Data Form deadline is 9 pm on the Tuesday before camp starts. Please note: your child will not be able to start camp without a data form.
Medical Form: The Medical Form deadline is 9 pm on the Tuesday before camp starts.  This form is only necessary if your child has a medical condition.

2020 Summer Camp FAQ's

Vernon Hills Park District Day Camp Program 2020 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 This document will be updated as new information becomes available. Last updated:  June 3, 2020


Will face coverings be required during all activities?

In most cases, face coverings are required unless the activity exerts high energy, which requires us to have them remove the face coverings.  Since masks are required indoors, but high exertion activities require no mask, active games and sports must be outdoors.  Outdoor activities only require a face covering if social distancing can not be maintained.  Staff is expected to wear face coverings at all times.


Will children be reminded to maintain social distancing (6 feet apart)?

Yes, we will routinely remind campers to keep safe spacing and activities will be designed to help prevent them from getting too close to each other.  When appropriate, floor markings will be used on the ground to encourage spacing (cones, tape).  In addition, we plan to use a color system (wristbands) to identify groups and to help remind children to remain in their groups at all times.


Is there any cross over or mixing with other camp groups?

There will be no cross over with other groups.  They may share an indoor space, but when one group leaves the area, all touch points such as switches and door handles will be sanitized before the next group inherits that space.  When creating camp groups, siblings will be kept together.


Will staff be trained on COVID safety procedures?

Yes, all camp staff will receive annual training prior to the start of day camp.  This year, elements will be added to specifically address COVID-related issues and how to provide the safest possible camp experience.


What will you do to ensure that kids are not coming to camp sick?

We will screen children daily by asking if they feel okay that day and whether they have any of the key symptoms.  We ask that parents check their children’s health status and temperature before attending camp and use sound judgment as to whether they should attend.  If a child shows symptoms during camp, they will be separated from the group with a staff person until they are picked up.


How are lunches being stored?

All lunches must be brought to camp in disposable packaging.  For example, you can not bring a lunch box that would be brought home.  The packaging must be thrown away at the end of the day.


If it is a rainy day what is the plan?

Since we are going to be anchoring our camps at the Sullivan Community Center and Hawthorn Elementary North School, both facilities have indoor space available for our camps.  We will be spending significant time both indoors and outdoors due to heat and wearing face coverings.  We’ve set our camp maximum enrollment based on the amount of available indoor space.  For example, 40 maximum at Elementary North allows us to have 4 groups of 10 and we have secured 4 rooms that each group can occupy without mixing groups.


Will you have hand sanitizer on site to be used or should it be brought by the child?

We will provide hand sanitizer.  Of course, we welcome people bringing their own as well.


How is play equipment sanitized and with what frequency?

Instead of sharing games and equipment, equipment bags will be provided to each individual camp group of 10 kids.  The few items that may be shared will be cleaned and disinfected between uses.  The group equipment bags will be sanitized daily.


Are there any program restrictions this summer due to the virus?

This summer, there will be no field trips and no water-based activities allowed.  All camp games and activities will be designed with social distancing in mind and modifications will be made to some games to allow them to be played.  As an example, a game of tag may be played using foam, swimming noodles to tag the opponent.  We will pursue the guidelines to determine whether there can be water exceptions such as sprinklers and hoses to allow the kids to enjoy some water games.


How will pick up and drop off work? Will parents be restricted on where they can go?

We will implement a valet style of pick up and drop off.  Parents will line up in their vehicles, their child will be checked in and out at that point, and the child will then be brought into the building.  We do not plan to have parents physically sign in and out to avoid the high touch point of the pens and clipboards.  Staff will note arrival and departure on the attendance sheets.


With parents not allowed in the facilities, how will they be kept informed of daily activities?

We are going to be using the Homeroom app to maintain good communication with families.  Information can be posted to provide daily updates.  In addition, we can post pictures of the kids playing as well as pictures of the staff.  This has been a great tool in our pre-school program that we are looking forward to use this summer.

Family Handbook, Calendars, Camp Directors

Summer Camp Family Handbook 2020 Final

Camp Parent Letter Calendar Camp Site Director Director Cell #
Preschool Parents will be emailed information.
Sullivan Camp
Peterson Park Camp
Extended Camp
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