Turtles Swim Team

The Turtles competitive swim team exists to benefit all children who show an interest in training and competing. Program objectives are to help young athletes develop to their full potential while clarifying their personal values. The Turtles home pool is located in the Lakeview Fitness Center.

The Bronze levels are for developing swimmers. Practices follow the seasonal brochures session dates which are typically 7 weeks long.


This team is designed for beginner swimmers who are still developing legal competitive strokes. The primary focus is on proper techniques and building freestyle and backstroke endurance. Practices include drill progressions, lane etiquette, and learning competitive rules.


This team is designed for swimmers with previous lesson or beginner swim team experience. The primary focus is on refining all four competitive strokes and learning new skills such as diving and flip turns. Practices build on Bronze I by adding introductory dry-land exercises, short swim sets, and use of the pace clock.

The Silver, Gold and Green levels are for competitive swimmers. Their seasons are September through March and April through July.


Silver is for swimmers who have had previous lessons or swim team experience, and are looking for competition. The primary focus is on refining the four competitive strokes and building endurance. Practices build on bronze levels to include drill progressions, high-intensity endurance training, and sprinting.


Gold is designed for advanced swimmers looking for a near-elite level of competition. The primary focus is on stroke refinement and endurance. Building on silver practices to include breath control, and sprinting/distance event training.


Green is designed for elite-level swimmers passionate about the sport. In addition to gold level practices, team members also will learn proper nutrition, time management, and goal setting for both short-term and long-term results. Swimmers must be committed to swimmer competitions and improving skills.

Silver, Gold, & Green Payment Schedule

A $100 deposit is due at the time of registration. The balance will be charged in 5 equal installments on the 1st of each month, October through February. Credit/debit card authorization is required for the installment charges.


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