Popsicle Stick Frame Directions


  • 7 Popsicle Sticks
  • Construction Paper
  • Clip
  • Buttons
  • Liquid/Hot Glue
  • Markers or Paint



  1. Lay popsicle sticks flat on the table.
  2. Arrange evenly to create a rectangle.
  3. Glue the piece of construction paper in the center of the rectangle. This will be the back and will hold the popsicle sticks together.
  4. Let dry.
  5. Flip over.
  6. Decorate your frame however you want! Paint or color with markers, and glue buttons or other decorations.
  7. Let dry.
  8. Glue the clip to the top center of the frame.
  9. Let dry.
  10. Clip your favorite photo to the frame!