Little Learners Preschool

Our Curriculum & Philosophy

Little Learners Preschool provides a safe and nurturing learning environment that embraces all children and their diverse learning styles, needs and interests.  Developmentally-appropriate instruction is provided by caring instructors in an environment that values social, cultural, and linguistic diversity while fostering a love of learning.

Our curriculum is guided by the Illinois Early Learning Guidelines for Children Birth to Age 3 and by the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards focusing on the development of the whole child.  Our instructors offer unique learning experiences that are play-based to promote social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive development.

Children participate in a variety of learning opportunities designed to develop independence, problem-solving, critical-thinking, creativity, self-expression as well as social and academic skills.  Classroom interest centers and activities offer rich exposure to literacy, mathematics, science & technology, social studies, the arts, and English language acquisition to prepare our preschoolers for elementary school and beyond.


2023-2024 Preschool Classes

Families looking to enroll their child for the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year should contact Julie Freels at (847) 996-6808 to check availability.

Requirements Age Dates Days Time Room R/NR Fee
Must be 2 years old by 9/1/23 2 9/5-5/16 T/Th 9:00-11:00 am A $1782/1960
Must be 2 years old by 9/1/23 2 9/6-5/17 M/W/F 9:00-11:00 am A $2589/2848
Must be 3 years old by 9/1/23 and restroom independent 3 9/5-5/16 T/Th 8:35-11:35 am D $1945/2140
Must be 3 years old by 9/1/22 and restroom independent 3 9/6-5/17 M/W/F 8:35-11:35 am D $2826/3109
Must be 4 years old by 9/1/23 and restroom independent 4 9/6-5/17 M/W/F 8:45-11:45 am C $2826/3109
Must be 4 years old by 9/1/23 and restroom independent 4 9/6-5/16 T/W/Th 8:45-11:45 am B $2887/3176

Children enrolled in Little Learners Preschool (three and four-year-old classes) must be able to use the restroom independently.  The routine use of diapers or pull-ups is not permitted.  Children enrolled in two-year-old classes may wear diapers or pull-ups to class; however  instructors are not responsible for changing diapers; a parent or caregiver must be able to return to class to assist with restroom needs.


2023-2024 Preschool Enrichment

Preschool Enrichment balances academics, play, socialization and recreation to develop the whole child. From music to cooking, outdoor play to science experiments, Preschool Enrichment students participate in a robust curriculum filled with hands on learning.

Requirements Age Dates Days Time Room R/NR Fee
Must be 3-5 years old by 9/1/23 and restroom independent. 3-5 9/6-5/17 M/W/F 11:45 am-2:30 pm D $2591/2850


2023-2024 Preschool Registration Information
  • Priority Registration for Returning Students (January 9-20, 2023)
  • Resident Registration Begins January 23, 2023
    Non-Resident Registration Begins January 30, 2023
  • Payment Schedule
    • A $100 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is due at the time of registration. The balance will be charged in equal installments on the fifth of each month, July-February. Credit/Debit card authorization is required for the installment charges. No refunds will be given after December 5, 2023.

Register for Preschool and Enrichment Classes