Swim Lessons

The goal of the Park District’s Learn to Swim Program is to create a life-long interest in aquatics activities, promote a healthy lifestyle, and improve a child’s safety in the water. Lessons follow the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim guidelines. Taught by instructors who are certified lifeguards, our lessons feature progressive swimming instruction and practice of water safety skills. Upon successful completion of each level, swimmers will receive an American Red Cross certificate.

Class Structure

All classes are 4 week sessions with 7 classes total.
Classes are held Tuesday – Thursday

Swim Lesson Class Safety
  • Classes will have a maximum of 3 participants at a time.
  • Participants must bring their own goggles, towels, and swimsuits.
  • Participants are checked in upon entering the facility.


Selecting the right class for your Child

Before Class – Review the general descriptions. Choose the first class that lists a skill that your child has not yet mastered.

First Day of Class – Children’s skills will be assessed on the first day of class to ensure that they are placed in the proper level. Adjustments will be made if necessary. Swimming requires motor coordination and practice to become proficient.

Keep in Mind – It is not uncommon to spend more than one session in a particular level. This is especially true with levels 2, 3 and 4. Therefore, do not expect your child to automatically advance to the next level at the end of a session.

Questions?  If you are unsure about your child’s abilities or have questions about the different courses or swim class policies, contact Robert Wood, Aquatic Supervisor at (847) 996-3488.

Parent/Tot Lessons (6 Months-4 Years)

You and your child will be exposed to water adjustment activities and experience supported movements in a fun and enjoyable manner. This program is designed to let children have fun in the water through games and activities while developing swimming readiness. Only one child per adult will be allowed. If more than one child is enrolled, a second adult
must be present.

Preschool Lessons (3-5 Years)

Children will develop comfort in and around water, without a parent in the water, in preparation for learning how to swim. A variety of games, songs, and activities are used to teach water safety skills. This program is not designed to teach children to be accomplished swimmers or to survive in water alone.

Enter and exit water using ramp, steps, or side • Blow bubbles • Front and back float • Recover from glides and floats • Kicking on front and back • Basic arm motions

Bobbing • Front and back glides • Back float for 5 seconds • Roll from front to back • Roll from back to front • Combined arm and leg actions • Finning arms on back

Swim levels 1-5 (4+ Years)

Our Learn to Swim program consists of 5 levels of progression in swimming techniques and water safety. Each level introduces a challenging variety of activities for the student. If your child has never had lessons, begin in Level 1.

Submerge face • Water entry and exit • Supported float on front and back • Turning over supported • Change direction walking • Level off with support • Combined stroke on front and back with support • Alternating and simultaneous arms/legs on front/back with support

Jump into chest deep water • Submerge head for 5 seconds • Retrieve object in shallow water • Kick on side with support for 5 feet • Front and back floats, and glides unsupported • 5 bobs • Change direction while swimming • Turning over without support • Explore treading in chest deep water • Combined stroke on front & back for 15 feet • Perform finning & sculling arm action

Retrieve object in chest deep water • 5 bobs in chest deep water • Jump into deep water • Rotary breathing • Front and back glides with kick • Float on front and back for 30 seconds • Change from vertical to horizontal position in deep water • Tread water for 30 seconds • Front crawl for 15 yards • Butterfly for 15 feet • Back crawl for 15 yards

Float front & back for 1 minute • Open turn on front and back • Swim underwater for 3 body lengths • Tread water for 1 minute • Front crawl for 25 yards • Breaststroke for 15 yards • Butterfly for 15 yards • Back crawl for 25 yards • Elementary backstroke for 15 yards • Swim on side with scissor kick for 15 yards

Float front and back for 2 minutes • Tread water for 5 minutes • Flip turn on front and back • Swim underwater for 15 yards • Front crawl for 50 yards • Butterfly for 25 yards • Breaststroke for 25 yards • Back crawl for 50 yards • Elementary backstroke for 25 yards • Sidestroke for 25 yards • Survival swimming for 2 minutes


Swim Lesson Sessions

Swim lessons are held at the Lakeview Fitness.

The District offers adult swim lessons for the beginner/intermediate swimmer in a group setting.  Also, private (30 minute) and semi-private (45 minute) lessons are also available and are scheduled at your convenience.

Refund Policy
The Park District is not responsible for changes to your schedule. Transfers to another class may be permitted with administrative approval, if space is available. If you miss a scheduled or a make-up class, you will not receive a refund and cannot make the class up at another time.