Beaver Creek Park Restoration

July 8, 2020

In 2020, the Vernon Hills Park District started the process of developing and restoring Beaver Creek Park. The park was inundated with invasive species and pioneer trees that were taking over the entire property, as well as creating dams in the creek. Our Parks staff cleared the entire park and properly graded the entire site. Twenty-seven new trees were planted including  14 Swamp White Oaks along the creek edge, 3 Sugar Maples, 3 Eastern Redbud trees, 2 Serviceberry trees and 5 Green Giant Arborvitae. The site was hydro-seeded with sunny mix grass seed and we contracted out the planting and seeding of the creek with native plants. The end result is usable park space that has a manageable ecosystem and a stable watershed. In addition, the District is working with a land steward company to restore the creek bank for water quality purposes. The park will have a renewed feeling after a full year of established growth.