Superhero Activity Directions




3 Pipe Cleaners

Construction paper

1 Straw

7 Pony Beads

1 ¾ inch Wood Bead


Tacky Glue/Hot Glue





  1. Draw hair, a mask, eyes, and mouth on the wood bead. (The hole is the top and bottom of the head.)
  2. Twist three pipe cleaners together in the middle.
  3. Fan out the ends so there are 4 points on the top, and two on the bottom. (The bottom two are legs, top middle two are the head, and top sides are the arms)
  4. Slide three pony beads onto both of the bottom two pipe cleaners, over the twist to form the body.
  5. Cut straw into 8 equal pieces. (About 1 inch.)
  6. Create arms and legs by sliding on a straw segment, then a pony bead, then another straw segment.
  7. Bend the ends of the pipe cleaners into hands and feet.
  8. Trim the ends if they are too long.
  9. Slide the head onto the top two pipe cleaners. (Add glue to make more secure.) Cut off the excess pipe cleaner.
  10. Cut out a cape using construction paper. Decorate!
  11. Glue the cape to the back of your superhero.
  12. Save the day!