Development of Century Park South

September 11, 2018

Construction will begin on Monday, September 17 in Century Park at the south end, corner of Lakeview Parkway and Hawthorn Parkway.  The entire construction area will be fenced off which includes the fairground area (Ribfest and Summer Celebration grounds) going south to the property line of the Rustoleum Training Facility, including the entire parking lot.

The park development will include the majority of the parking lot and turn it into green space, a new stage area, reworking the path, adding a restroom, and fixing the brick pavers on the fairgrounds.  This project is expected to be complete in late November.

The bridge leading off the island to this south development site will be closed until the completion of the project.  The island will remain open and signs will be posted that the only entrance and exit off the island is off the bridge near the boat dock shelter, which is to the north.

The sidewalks along Lakeview Parkway and  Hawthorn Parkway will remain open.  The sidewalk on Lakeview Parkway does eventually connect with Century Park walking path just north of the construction area.