New! “Nuttin’ But Honey” Performance Class

August 10, 2020

W.K.I.D.S. is an in-person class (September 16-December 9) with an online show for students in grades K-6! This is a fictional online show about five aspiring performers who are competing in a singing contest in which the “winner” will be the brand ambassador for Nuttin’ But Honey cereal. Each character has a tale to tell and a song to sing. Which character will win? You will find out when you watch the final show online!
Performers have their first chance to be “on stage” in a virtual recorded performance. Students attend weekly rehearsals to learn songs, dances, and scenes. Class includes acting, games, singing, and dancing. Each child receives a role which includes a monologue to be memorized and a song to be performed as a solo. Performers will be provided with vocal and instrumental tracks, and choreography videos. There will be an online 15-minute coaching session with each performer to rehearse their monologue and song prior to their online show. The final show will be recorded during the last scheduled class. A link to the performance will be shared with families. In-class group auditions take place during first scheduled class, attendance is mandatory.
Class dates: 9/16-12/9, Wednesdays from 5-7 pm
Location: Sullivan Community Center
R/NR Fee: $180/225
Instructor: Margo Proeh, Gabriella Garza, Amy Walken & Children’s Theatre Staff