Vernon Hills Park District’s Hidden Talent

September 7, 2022

Vernon Hills Park District’s parkland is helping to protect the community from the effects of global warming.  NPR editors, Ryan Kellman and Rebecca Hersher wrote the article Your local park has a hidden talent: helping fight climate change. In part, Kellman and Hersher explain ” All that parkland helps protect millions of Americans from the effects of global warming. Pools and splash pads offer a place to cool off on dangerously hot days. Trees provide shade, pull carbon dioxide out of the air and even lower the temperature in nearby neighborhoods. Marshes, ponds and meadows soak up water when it rains to help keep roads and homes dry.”

The Vernon Hills Park District enriches the quality of life to our residents through our commitment to preservation and conservation. The District encompasses 25 parks situated on 460 acres of land. A seven-acre Oak Savanna was restored in our 48-acre Sullivan Woods and our 116-acre Century Park is the only accredited Park District Arboretum in Illinois. The District is committed to protecting the environment while showcasing nature’s beauty in all its parks and facilities.