Group Exercise

Changes to Group Exercise

Classes are held in three different areas of the District:
Studio 1 Lakeview Fitness indoor group exercise studio
Studio 2 Lakeview Fitness back parking lot in tent
Studio 3 Sullivan Community Center gymnasium
Indoor Pool Lakeview Fitness Indoor Pool

Lakeview Fitness App
Group exercise participants are highly encouraged to download the free Lakeview Fitness app via the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.  The app has the most up-to-date schedule for group exercise classes and lap swim. The app is the most efficient way for staff to communicate with members about class changes and facility updates.
Group Exercise Classes
Classes require a minimum number of participants to hold the class. Classes that do not meet the minimum of 4 registered participants (via the Lakeview Fitness app) at least one hour before class begins will be canceled. Walk-ins are welcome as long as there is room in the class. Maximums are be strictly enforced.

Group Exercise Fees

Group Exercise classes are free to Lakeview Fitness Members

10-Punch Pass 

Adult R/NR: $85/105
Senior (62 years+) R/NR: $65/85

The punch pass expires one year from date of purchase.

Daily Pass

Adult (14-61) R/NR: $10/12
Senior (62+) R/NR: $8/10

Babysitting (Lakeview Fitness Only)

Daily: $5 per child
10 Punch Pass: $30 per child


Group Exercise Class Descriptions

[accordion title="Cardio Classes"]

Barre & Tone: A total body workout that lifts your seat, tones your thighs and burns fat in record-breaking time. (Low impact)
Cycle: Come enjoy this high energy class set to motivating music to really get you going. Be sure to arrive early to set up your bike.
Power Step/Step Interval: All of the cardio benefits with minimal impact!
Turbo Kick: The ultimate cardiovascular challenge. A unique blend of intense intervals, strength & endurance training. No equipment necessary.
Water Aerobics/H.I.I.T. H2O: Medium-low impact class to improve cardio endurance and enhance body tone. H.I.I.T. H2O also includes work with dumbbells on Sundays!
Basic swim skills required for all water classes!
ZUMBA: Dance your way to a fitter you. This class incorporates unique Latin rhythms with calorie burning dance movements
ZUMBA Gold: Active older adults who are looking for a modified Zumba® class that recreates the original moves you love at a lower-intensity.

Strength Classes

Body Pump: Endurance weight lifting set to the timing of music. Each muscle group will be worked to fatigue to promote full body toning!
Muscle Works: All body muscle conditioning class that will add strength utilizing barbells, free weights, and body weight movements.

Strength/Cardio Mix Classes

Aqua Combat: Join us for this powerful union of martial arts and water exercise! In this fast-moving, total-body cardio workout, you will utilize a variety of handheld equipment and water resistance to kick and punch your way to a new level of fitness, while building strength, endurance, balance and flexibility
Body Shred: Designed by Jillian Michaels, this class uses her infamous 3-2-1 training approach. This class involves four circuits of three minutes of strength training, two minutes of cardio, and one minute of abs.
F.I.T. (Fast Intense Training): Challenge yourself beyond traditional training with this high intensity, functional workout.Workloads can be modified or scaled in intensity and weight.
Functional Fitness: Light to moderate class that works on slowly improving overall flexibility, balance, cardio endurance and muscle tone. Progressive flexibility allows for full
range of motion which enhances daily living. Activities are low impact.
Happy Hour: Start your weekend right! This fresh and creative class will vary weekly and will focus on cardio and strength intervals. Have some fun while blasting fat that will
continue to burn long after the workout is over. Modifications will always be shown.
Interval Training: This class combines cardio and muscle toning all in one high/low workout.
Strength & Balance: Non-aerobic, low impact class that will improve muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.
Kickboxing:WAR emphasizes control and technique, and provides you with phenomenal physical results. Ten tracks are completed within 60 minutes using a simple, athletic routine that caters to able-bodied men and women of all fitness levels.
Metabolic Total Body: This metabolic training workout will touch all muscle groups while also getting cardio benefits through elevated heart rate and compound movement
Total Body Conditioning: An all encompassing workout designed to produce total body results. This fast moving work out conditions your cardiovascular system and nearly every muscle group in your body.
Training Strong: It’s got intervals, and circuits and burpees galore! This is a high intensity strength and cardio class, but can be modified based on ability levels.
TRX Circuit: Suspension Training, body weight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

Mind/Body Classes

Chair Yoga: Yoga with the assistance of a chair. Perfect for those who may have a harder time with floor poses but all the great benefits of yoga! Core and More: 20 minutes of core work, 20 minutes of strength and balance.
Hatha Yoga: Basic yoga poses that are held for longer periods of time to increase flexibility and/or build muscle/bone strength.
Pilates Plus: This class is specifically designed to increase core strength, balance and flexibility.
PiYo: Combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. Crank up the speed to deliver a fat-burning, low impact workout leaving your body looking long, lean, and defined.
Power Pilates: Designed to improve flexibility, muscle tone, body balance, spinal support, low back health. Emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, and developing a strong core or center, and improving coordination and balance.
Power Yoga: a general term used to describe a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga. Though many consider it to be “gym yoga,” this style of practice was originally closely modeled on the Ashtanga method.
Vinyasa Yoga: Practice of yoga poses that flow through Vinyasa sequences.
EveryBODY Yoga: A non-judgmental space for people who need a bit more stability. We will concentrate on classical yoga alignment to safely stretch and lengthen your body using tools and variations to support and embrace the body you have today. Imagine a yoga class to celebrate what your body can do, instead of what it can’t.