Group Exercise

Unlimited group exercises classes (in-person and virtual) are included with a Lakeview Fitness membership. A wide variety of classes are offered encompassing cardio, strength, mind & body, and overall health and fitness. Classes are located in the indoor studios, Sullivan Community Center studio, and online. 

Group Exercise Schedule


Group Exercise Class Descriptions

Cardio Classes

Cardio Class Descriptions
Body Combat A Les Mills high-energy martial arts-inspired workout that is totally non-contact. Punch and kick your way to fitness. No experience is necessary. Bring your best fighter attitude and leave inhibitions at the door.
Cycle High energy class set to motivating music to really get you going. Be sure to arrive early to set up your bike.
Water Aerobics Medium to low impact class to improve cardio endurance and enhance body tone. Basic swim skills required.
ZUMBA Dance your way to a fitter you. This class incorporates unique Latin rhythms with calorie burning dance movements.
Step Interval Cardio combinations using a step, alternating strength (muscle work) and finishing off with abdominal work and stretching.
Total Body Conditioning An all-encompassing workout designed to produce total body results. This fast moving work out conditions your cardiovascular system and nearly every muscle group in your body.

Strength Classes

Strength Class Descriptions
Armz & Bunz Alternate targeting glutes and arms to avoid over-fatigue in each muscle group. Each week will feature new equipment and music in this efficient and effective format.
Body Pump A Les Mills body muscle conditioning class that will add strength utilizing barbells, free weights, and body weight movements.
Muscle Works All body muscle conditioning class that will add strength utilizing barbells, free weights, and body weight movements.


Strength/Cardio Mix Classes

Strength/Cardio Mix Class Descriptions
Boot Camp A full body workout consisting of quick weighted/body weighted movements followed by short rest periods. We will challenge your endurance and keep your heart rate elevated! Bring your towel and water and be ready to work!
Core & More This core focused class will use cardio and body-weight movements to strengthen and tone your core!
H.I.I.T. High Intensity Interval Training. Challenge yourself beyond traditional training with this high intensity, functional workout. Workloads can be modified or scaled in intensity and weight.
Step Interval Cardio (step combinations) alternating with strength (muscle work) finishing off with abdominal work and stretching.
Power Step Step up, around, and down from the platform in different patterns to boost your heart rate and breathing, while strengthening your muscles. Step aerobic moves range from simple to advanced.
Strength & Balance Non-aerobic, low impact class that will improve muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.
20/20/20 Three workouts in one! The 20/20/20 class is designed to give you the ultimate challenge and total body workout. Sweat through 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of stretching and core work.
AM Burn An interval based, total body conditioning HIIT class that combines strength training with cardio bursts designed to improve your endurance and sculpt your muscles. Modifications for all fitness levels are provided and each class will be uniquely different each week.


Mind/Body Classes

Mind/Body Class Descriptions
Chair Yoga Traditional and classic yoga poses and movements with assistance of a chair. Perfect for those who have a harder time with floor poses, but all the benefits of yoga!
Pilates This class is specifically designed to increase core strength, balance and flexibility.
Pilates Plus This class is specifically designed to increase core strength, balance and flexibility through traditional Pilates movements.
Hatha Yoga Classic yoga poses are held for longer periods of time to increase flexibility and strength. Experience breath, mental focus, and energy.
Vinyasa Yoga Practice of yoga poses that flow through Vinyasa sequences using breath. This practice will help develop a more balanced body and still the mind.
Candlelight Yoga End your week with some Candlelight Yoga. Candles set the mood to wash the worries of the day away and clear your mind and body of the week’s stress.
Gentle Yoga Gently stretch muscles and ligaments while quieting the mind. This class will complement an intense workout program, ease back into a workout regimen, or simple guided relaxation .
Full Body Stretch Improves range of motion, posture, and mobility which helps ward off injury. This class will include stretches for the entire body and conclude with a relaxation segment. Suitable for all fitness levels.