After School Enrichment

Enrichment classes in chess, science, music and art are offered during the school year at Aspen, Townline, and Hawthorn Elementary North and South Schools.  Students are escorted to their enrichment class by school staff after their last class.  Enrichment classes are approximately one hour long.

Kids Yoga

Expand your child’s mind while strengthening their body with our kids yoga classes. Your kids will learn breathing techniques, balancing poses, and even meditation techniques to gain a deeper understanding of the physical and physiological aspects of yoga. Yoga helps kids manage stress better and improve self-confidence. Don’t miss this great opportunity to participate in this healthy and fun activity.


CheckMate Chess Academy

Grades K – 5
Chess leads to increased focus and conectration, critical thinking skills, consequential analysis (teaching kids to think before they act), and improved math and reading scores. CheckMatesUSA makes sure that learning chess is fun and productive experience. CheckMatesUSA uses a one-of-a-kind curriculum that makes sure that children are always staying challenged while learning, but not getting frustrated. By using specially created alternative chess games, songs, dances and the newest educational technology, instructors make learning chess and chess strategies something that your kids will look forward to all week!


Mad Science

Mad Science is back with one of our most popular course systems. Some of the spectacular, hands-on science program topics we will explore include Magnetic Magic, Sonic Sounds, Lights/Color/Action and lots more. Each young Mad Scientist will be making some great take home projects too, including a sonic horn, a magnet lab, a periscope and more. All materials are included and sintructors are provided by Mad Science of Northern Illinois. Different topics covered in each session!


Young Rembrandts

Students will advance techniques when using color pencil, marker and Sharpie. A Lego-inspired mini-fig face drawing, a historical-based drawing will document the Op art movement and a composition featuring a detailed scorpion will provide plenty of fun, artistic challenges. Young Rembrandts students will emulate master artist Pablo Picasso, complete a portrait of Canadian athlete Terry Fox and spend plenty of time being silly with a funny pterodactyl character drawing. Make this a memorable winter for learning and fun. Enroll today!