Boys & girls, 3-18 years, will learn to dance through music, rhythm, and creative movements!  Dance Coordinator, Sarah Chapleau, and staff teach classes designed for all skill levels in Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop/Jazz, and Lyrical. New in 2017 are classes in Fairytale Movement, Musical Theater, and Hip Hop/Poms! program is offered from September through May, in addition to a summer dance program.

The dance programs culminate with an annual dance recital in the spring, and at the end of the summer session. Sarah’s class structure is built on a regimen of natural skill progression. Once a student has mastered the beginning courses, he or she can move up to intermediate and advanced classes.

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Dance Levels & Attire

Pre Ballet 1 & 2 (3-4 years)
This class introduces the child to dance through music, rhythm and creative movements. It fosters your child’s natural instincts to dance. Dance attire: Black leotard, light pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and hair tightly secured.

Intro to Ballet 1/2 (Grades K-1)
This class is an introduction to and continuation of classical ballet. The dance will learn basic ballet positions, simple combinations, terminology and creative movement.  Dance attire: Black leotard, light pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and hair in a bun.

Ballet 1-5 (7-18 years)
Classical ballet is taught in this class. The student will learn terminology, barre work, center combinations and across the floor progressions. The technique and level of difficulty will increase with each level of ballet. Dance attire: Black leotard, light pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and hair tightly secured.

Pre Tap 1/2 (4-6 years, Grades K-1)
This is an introduction and a continuation of tap. Basic tap steps and rhythms will be taught. Dance attire: Black leotard, light pink tights, black tap shoes, and hair tightly secured.

Tap 1-3 (7-18 years)
Tap dance involves manipulating your feet to create sounds and rhythms. The technique and the degree of difficulty will increase with each level of tap. Dance attire: Black leotard, black tap shorts or capris, black tap shoes, and hair tightly secured.

Hip Hop/Jazz 1-4 (7-18 years)
Learn techniques of jazz dance through progressions and center combinations and the latest trends of hip hop through technique and combination set to today’s popular music. Dance attire: Black leotard, black jazz pants and black jazz shoes.

Lyrical 1-3 (10-18 years)
Lyrical is a dance style that blends modern and jazz dance and is characterized by its fluidity and grace. We will use movement and lyrics to help the dance express strong emotions throughout the piece. The class also includes stretches, across floor progressions, leaps, and turns. Dance Attire: Black leotard and black tights or jazz pants, nude lyrical shoes, and hair tightly secured.

Fairytale Movement (4-6 years)
Dancers are introduced to beginning ballet terminology in a fun and engaging way. Watch your young dancer become excited about dance by exploring and moving as their favorite fairytale characters!

Musical Theater (7-12 years)
5, 6, 7, 8! Do you love singing along to Hamilton? Can you not help dancing to Hairspray’s “You Can’t Stop the Beat”? This weekly class will have your child dancing to songs from their favorite musicals and acting out scenes as their favorite characters, while creating the ultimate Musical Theater experience.

Hip Hop/Poms (6-10 years)
Students will learn how to pop, lock, and break, as well as have the freedom to develop their own style through freestyle movement. Dancers will learn proper technique in both styles. Each session students will learn one Hip Hop dance and one  and Fairytale Movement.

Male attire for all classes: fitted white t-shirt, black stretch pants, and black dance shoes.

Additional Program & Recital Information

All classes are co-ed.

If you are a new student, contact the Dance Coordinator, Sarah Chapleau at or Julie Freels at 847-996-6808 or for assistance with dance placement.

Special Dance Payment Policy
Participants enrolling for the full year of dance (September – May) have the following payment options:

  1. Pay in full
  2. Pay in thirds: 1/3 at registration, 1/3 on October 1, 1/3 on December 1. Auto-debit from a credit/debit card is required
    for this option.

Recital Information
The dance program will culminate with an annual dance recital in the spring. The cost of costumes and tickets are not included in the class fee. These items will need to be purchased for the recital. Dress rehearsal is mandatory in order to participate in the dance recital. The recital is optional. Your child can register for the class even if he or she decides not to participate in the recital.