The Sully Awards

The Sully Awards celebrate our awesome community. We want to hear about your accomplishments in our parks, programs, and thoughtful gestures towards others.

Submit nominations to Please include a photo with your nomination.
A Sully Award recipient will be selected monthly by Park District staff, December 2021-November 2022. Nominations are due on the 15th of every month.

February, 2022 Alice, nominated by her mom and dad
Alice is a 7 year old girl and first grader at Aspen Elementary School. Because my wife and I spend most of our time to be with her little brother with special needs, we always feel sorry that we could only have limited time with her. However, we feel so lucky to live in a wonderful neighborhood and have a great Park District which provides lots of family activities and support.


In the past month, she had some many first times! She not only visited the sled hil, but also attended the ice skating class. She was even moved from Basic 1 to Basic 2 on the first day of the class.

We would like to have this chance to thank all the staff at the Park District for all the support. All families have their struggles, but with your help, we will live day by day and try to have some fun every day!

December, 2021 Hannah, a Little Learners Preschool student, nominated by Miss Bonnie
“Hannah is the sweetest and kindest girl. She is very thoughtful and is always thinking of others. If anyone needs a hand or hug, she is their girl. Hannah loves to do crafts and shares her crafts that she makes with her teachers and friends in Little Learners Preschool. She loves to give to others and wants nothing but a thank you in return.”


December, 2021 Our PALS student was nominated by her PALS instructor.
“Her laughter is contagious, and I have witnessed her compassion towards others on a daily basis. Last week, she was telling me about her Hanukkah celebrations and how much fun it was with her family. She pointed out the food pantry donation box at the Sullivan Community Center and said, “Can I bring one of our snacks to donate to people who need it?” I was taken back by the concern and more importantly how innocent and pure her intentions were. I mentioned this conversation to her mother and I expressed how honored I was to experience her concern for others.


Her mother felt moved and contacted the school to add a donation box at her school. Within a few days, they were able to communicate with all parents of the food drive for local families. This morning when I was walking with her, she was carrying a bag filled with goodies for the donation box and she felt such pride. She has a heart of gold and I’m just so tickled to have witnessed this spark of compassion.”