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Pitch, Hit & Run Skills Competition

This free event for boys and girls, 7-14 years, is the official skills competition of Major League Baseball. This grassroots program is designed to provide youngsters with an opportunity to compete, free of charge, in a competition that recognizes individual excellence in core baseball/softball skills.  All participants must have their parent or guardian fill out […]

Arbor Walk

Families will enjoy a guided walk through the District’s newly accredited Century Park Arboretum with a certified arborist.  This is a free event, no registration is necessary.


Electronics recycling, paper shredding, and latex paint collection will take place at Hawthorn Mall in the Sears parking lot. We are partnering with the Village of Vernon Hills, Vernon Township, State Representative Carol Sente, SWALCO, and Hawthorn Mall on this event. There is a limit of two boxes of paper shredding per vehicle. Latex paint […]

Park Restrooms Open This Weekend

Due to the colder weather this spring, the opening of the park restrooms was delayed. All restrooms are scheduled to be open this weekend.

Skunk Abatement Program

The Village of Vernon Hills and the Vernon Hills Park District are partnering with homeowners to reduce the overall Skunk population within the Village.  The Program is designed to provide financial reimbursement to homeowners who choose to work with licensed wildlife control companies to remove skunks from their properties. The Program will operate as follows:  […]

Discarded Christmas Trees used as Fish Structures

In late 2017, the parks department started an in-house project of adding fishing structures to Big Bear and Little Bear Lakes. They are using a combination of man-made material and organic materials like discarded Christmas trees. The Christmas trees are cabled to a cinder block to sink them to the bottom of the lake.  In […]

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